D. PAPADEMETRIOU Accountants and AuditorsAbout Cyprus Companies

The low taxation of the profits of Cyprus companies and the Bank accounts non-disclosure law has made Cyprus companies very attractive to many businesses from abroad.

Currently there are over 320,000 registered companies in Cyprus, many (70%) from clients abroad.
Clients may divert part or all of their international income to their Cyprus company or provide services to their companies abroad from their Cyprus companies and pay local low taxation or with proper tax planning even avoid taxation altogether.
With a local bank account, clients may control their money with internet banking and spend it or withdraw it anywhere abroad.


Includes the following :
• Certificate of Directors & Secretary
• Certificate of Shareholders
• Certificate of Registration
• Certificate of Registered office
• Memorandum & Articles of Association
• Nominee directors / secretary / shareholders
• Registration for VAT
• Registration for Taxation
• Registered office


• Vary depending on the volume of the work.
• The fees include nominees, filing of Annual Return and company accounts with the Registrar of Companies in Cyprus and with the Inland Revenue.